Dallas Dinner Table
Next Event: January 18, 2021
Achieve an America without racism, one meal at a time

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Registration for the next Dallas Dinner Table on January 18, 2021 is not yet open.  Please note: This event will be held VIRTUALLY in individual virtual breakout rooms.

Whether you are a first-time participant or a veteran attendee of multiple Dallas Dinner Table events, ALL are welcome.

Participate as either a Guest, Facilitator or HostGuests are expected to arrive promptly by 6:00 pm at their designated dinner location on the day of the event and be prepared to hear and share their diverse perspectives about the impact of race in their daily lives with their fellow guests, facilitator and host.  Facilitators will attend orientation sessions prior to the event so that they will be prepared to guide dialogue at each table towards cross-cultural communication with a focus on personal action and growth, and foster the advantages of cross-racial relationships.  Hosts provide an evening meal, either privately or with resources provided by their religious organizations or businesses, to participants.  Please refer to the FAQ page for more information.  For the January 2021 event, we kindly request hosts, in lieu of a meal,  consider sponsoring a virtual dinner table by donating.  Sign up for our email list to stay informed on Dallas Dinner Table news and updates.

If you cannot participate, please consider donating to the Dallas Dinner Table.  Your thoughtful gift helps fund our work and is graciously appreciated.